Residency Teaching Conferences

Daily educational conferences for the residency are led by attending physicians and/or chief residents in the Ciggaran Conference Room from 7-8am Monday - Friday. Attendance is required. Our orthopaedic cirriculum is two years long. Therefore, each resident is exposed to each topic twice before graduation. 

  • Pediatrics: first and third Mondays of each month (supervising attending: Dr. Greg Mencio)
    • During the pediatric rotation, residents also organize weekly pre-op and post-op conferences on Mondays and Fridays to go over that week's scheduled cases. Each case's imaging is presented by a junior resident as an unknown. Differential diagnosis and treatment options are discussed in a Socratic manner, after which the general disease process and operative plans are thoroughly analyzed.
  • Hand & Upper Extremity: second and fourth Mondays of each month (supervising attending: Dr. Donald Lee)
  • Foot & Ankle: Tuesdays during the summer and fall (supervising attending: Dr. Bethany Gallagher)
  • Trauma: first, second, and fourth Wednesday of each month (supervising attending: Dr. Robert Boyce)
    • The chief resident on the trauma service is responsible for organization and case selection, but cases may be selected and presented by residents at all levels. Emphasis is placed on reviewing key articles in the literature pertaining to interesting cases from the week. 
  • Spine: third Wednesday of each month (supervising attending: Dr. Byron Stephens, in collaboration with Neurosurgery for monthly combined spine conferences)
  • Sports Medicine: second and fourth Thursday of each month (supervising attending: Dr. Jed Kuhn)
  • Adult Reconstruction: first and third Thursday of each month (supervising attending Dr. Andrew Shinar)
  • Basic Science: rotating topics with clinical application to orthopaedics (supervising attending: Dr. Ginger Holt), including:
    • 8 weeks of anatomy lectures and dissection in lab emphasizing orthopaedic operative approaches
    • 12 weeks of histology/pathology
    • 12 weeks of biomechanics/physiology
    • Additional lectures focus on biochemistry, pharmacology, etc.
  • Morbidity & Mortality Conference: first Friday of each month
    • Operative complications are reported by the chief resident on each service and discussed with the faculty
  • Orthopaedic Grand Rounds: occurs monthly and features the presentation and discussion of interesting cases by residents


Journal Club

  • Dinner meeting hosted by the department once per rotation block for all residents and attending physicians
  • Organized in a round-table manner for discussion of current orthopaedic journal articles of interest. Junior residents present a new and interesting article pertaining to their respective service and lead a discussion. Although the primary source of articles to be discussed is the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, residents are asked to scan other orthopaedic and related journals as well for interesting articles.